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Unlock Your Financial Freedom

Money & Energy

The Secrets and Principles of Financial Prosperity

Expansion Module for The Quantum Combination

How do You Really
Feel about Money?

Do you believe in what you feel?


For many people, money is the cause for more distress instead of happiness. But if you take a moment to think about it, you’ll see that most people have an emotional conflict running their financial blueprint.

If you love having money and hate not having it, or you’ve worked yourself for endless hours and are still not getting anywhere near your financial goals, then the questions need to be asked…

These are some of the most common negative associations that people make with money. They all derive from Confusion, Fear and Negative past experiences with money, some of which may never have even happened to you before.
If any of the questions above resonated with you, then you won’t want to miss out on this expansion module.

Put your Financial Blueprint and Emotions into perspective and stop shaking hands with fear and indecision.

Expansion Module Book

Money & Energy

Money has an energy of it’s own. So why not dig deeper and discover how you can create a more abundant-driven mindset without the emotional hassel and doubts?

This additional module will be added to The Quantum Combination course access. Due to the advanced nature of this module, you will be prompted to start only when you reach Level 3 of the course.

1 – Money Isn’t The Problem 

You’ll be uncovering most of the thought processes that you have around money by looking into what it really is and how you’ve related to it during your life.
We’ll have the most controversial but life-changing conversation anyone has every had with you about money, with no holds barred, and you’ll soon realise how easy it is to change your relationship with money,

2 – The Wealth Principles

Money doesn’t choose, and it’s certainly not picky. But it does require a great level of respect and responsibility when being dealt with, so in these chapters we’ll go through the 10 principles that you must adhere to in order to create a bond that will last a lifetime.
Without these 10 principles, you’re bound to fail in becoming wealthy somewhere along the way, and that’s not a position I’d want you to be in. Believe me, I’ve been there before.

3 – Money and Energy

Be honest with yourself when I ask what emotion comes to heart when you think about money at a time of need? If you feel negative emotions like most people do, then this chapter will be worth your investment, as we uncover how Money IS Energy, and how visualizing money can actually make you lose money.

Programming to Release Your Limiting Beliefs

None of the chapters outlined in this module would be complete without the guided meditations that will help you ingrain this information and modify your beliefs around money.
This module includes 2 Powerful Guided Meditations that are sure to help you re-programme your relationship around money and your wealth blueprint.

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Money & Energy Expansion Module
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