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A program to help you Discover the Combination to a New Life

Creative Visualization 
Law of Attraction 
Creative problem solving 
Goal setting 
Designing a new life 

The #1 Self-development program

Here you'll learn Deep Meditation, Creative Visualization, Goal Setting & Intuition

When Life Spins
Out of Control

Learn to Create a Better Life


How many of the following can you relate to?

The more items you relate to, the more you need to pay attention to what I’m about to tell you. I’ve been there and fortunately got out, but read on, and you’ll learn how to get out too.

Everything is Connected

Everything is Related
and Connected

This Might be Life’s Biggest Lesson

When I stopped to observe how holistic life truly is and join the dots to realize just how intimately everything is connected, from childhood beliefs to the money in my bank account, I excitedly set my goals and went for it! Unprepared and very naive, I fell flat on my face, failed and failed again, until I actually started doing the deeper work laid out in this step-by-step program.

You see, until recently, there was no guide, book or program that elevated all areas of life simultaneously. It would always be at the cost of another area (Financial at the cost of Family, Health at the cost of Career, Relationships at the cost of Life Purpose).
And until now, there was no program that took you from zero or confused, to full-fledged human operating from the higher-self in less than 1 month.

If you dare take the step into the depths of your mind, I can immediately promise:

Here’s the truth: whatever your life looks like right now, only you have the POWER to turn it around and create a life that’s your own definition of SUCCESS.
A life that’s lived on your own terms and where you wake up each morning with excitement, determination and in love with your day knowing that you’re deliberately realising a sense of purpose, a dream, affluence and the well-being that you’ve always wanted.


Meet Rogerio Macieira


Quantum Combination isn’t just a cool name, it’s a sequence of processes in personal development that will take you from where you are (wherever that is), and ELEVATE all 10 areas of your life at once.
It took me more than 10 years of trial and error in personal growth, to put this sequence together and perfect so that it’s easy enough for anyone to follow, and of course see the results in a short period of time.

I know that sounds suspicious, but it really does give you the freedom to create your life on your own terms.

I’m a Design Lead and specialist in Usability with certifications in Coaching, Human-centred Design and a trainer in proprietary methods. My point here being that I know what motivates humans to stick to their goals, change their habits and create new personal identities.

In this program, I’ll teach you more about who you are and what motivates you, than anyone else, and I do it so that you can catch yourself when you’re off course and making up excuses to underperform.

If you allow me, I’ll guide you through every step of the process; we’ll do some serious soul searching and we’ll be crafting your own vision and action steps to achieve that super version of you I know you’re afraid of embodying.

The Quantum Combination goes deep. Very deep.
Integrating new processes and embodying new growth oriented values from your higher-self will change you. Other people may not like that new version so much.
And I have to warn you that if you’re okay with who you are where you currently stand in life, then it’s probably not for you.

However, if you’re looking forward to deep work and transformation, then I can’t wait to hear from the new you!
By using my own sequence – within 1 year – I changed career, tripled my income, improved relationships, won awards, got published by big brands and it goes on.

But don’t just take my word for it

Sandy Travers
Sandy TraversSouth Africa
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"Before I started, I was lost and couldn't trust myself. Now best part is that I'm so happy now. I'm so in tune with my own intuition that I can now hear it loud and clear."
Alex Smith
Alex SmithUSA
Read More
"The fact that I can easily integrate the techniques into my daily life gives me confidence when doing anything out of my comfort zone. It's got me performing at my peak."
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"Quantum Combination absolutely works. This course has been the most influential personal growth programs I've ever done. It's taught me to shape the power within me to get what I want"
Adriana Argemí
Adriana ArgemíSpain
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"If you haven't heard about The Quantum Combination, it's a personal development program that makes you happy and puts you in a constant emotional high. It's amazing how much you can do with your mind if you're in the right state."
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"I travel a lot. (Quantum Combination) has been that one go-to for everything related to goals. It's like having a coach in my pocket, at home and abroad."
Andre H
Andre HPortugal
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"I was confused about who I was, and I didn't know how to change my life. I felt completely lost, until I started the course. Session after session, changes began to happen and my energy shifted completely. I feel happy and fully aligned now"
Jo H
Jo HUnited Kingdom
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"I recommend The Quantum Combination to anyone. Use the exercises and techniques frequently for the best possible results. It's taught me to shape my reality by using my own power."

The benefits
you’ll experience

So now it’s time to talk about the Life-Changing results you’ll obtain by following this step-by-step program. These benefits are reported by most students within the first 2 weeks of using the program.



Friends & Family

Health & Wellness



Work & Career

Personal Development


Peer Group



Why the Program is so Efficient

Our brain’s electrical activity can be measured into 5 different brainwave frequencies (Neurometrics); each one associated to a different psychological activity. The higher your concentration and engagement with any activity, the higher the frequency.

In The Quantum Combination we’ll be working mostly with the lower frequencies like Alpha, where the brain becomes more receptive to working on memory, receiving new information, to accessing creativity and imagination, whilst remaining mentally alert.  And we’ll also be working with Theta — the region between sleep and wakefulness — where the unconscious speaks to the conscious. In Theta, mind becomes diffused, and the notion of each restrictive dimension becomes less evident, allowing you to process and alter information with far greater ease, enhancing your ability to adopt supportive beliefs.

In The Quantum Combination, we’ll safely do this by using Brainwave Entrainment (BWE), to effortlessly enter into a particular meditative or super concentrated state, tuning your brain to work within a specific frequency range by using binaural beats embedded into guided meditation tracks.
Sometimes the beats are presented as a slight pulsating sound, and others in the background of a soundtrack which is hardly perceivable unless you pay very close attention. And each track has a frequency pattern designed for a particular purpose, so when you listen to the beats with earphones, the sine waves that create the beat will produce a frequency-following response of the brainwaves to match the frequency.
It really is that simple, all you need to do is listen.

Brainwaves Alpha Frequency

Meditative state, physical and mental relaxation, being in the “Now”, quiet thoughts, centering, grounding and body/mind coordination.

Brainwaves Theta Frequency
Sleep, deep meditation, gateway to memory, access to intuition, habit control and access to belief system. “Brainwave Entrainment is an effective therapeutic tool” (U.S. National Library of Medicine) See ReportGo to Page

Listen to a Meditation Sample with Binaural Beats

Get Ready to
Take Full Control

Anywhere. Any Time.

The Quantum Combination Audio Download

Discover what’s stopping you from finding satisfaction, happiness and alignment in your life.
Get your hands on the only program you’ll ever need in order to simultaneously Elevate all of the 11 areas of your life, from the comfort of your own home, and in your own time.

There’s more than 10 hours of audio lectures and guided exercises layered into 3 levels and 21 techniques, which will progressively help you Unlock Your Highest Potential and Achieve Your Biggest Goals.

This course is structured in a UNIQUE way that will allow you to easily pivot towards producing tangible results, even if you feel uncommitted and unmotivated.

No matter where you are in Your Life right now, you’re just ONE DECISION AWAY from changing your life forever. All you need to do is invest a few minutes a day in your growth, that will later add years of happiness to your life.

Full Course Curriculum

You’ll learn about the primary functions of the mind and the ways how it can either help you, or make you believe that you’re changing when in fact it’s keeping you hostage, locked into the same place, the same life, the same results.
We’ll kick off with a first technique to detect a situation when your mind is resisting change, but also how to easily and instantly neutralize the process, and to focus on growth, which is crucial to create a positive mindset in the short term.

Core Values and Life Purpose
Discover what you are really meant for, and why you are currently obtaining certain results in your life.
Dig deep into your roots to uncover your internal conflicts and learn how to use your core values to pursue your goals and achieve phenomenal growth, with both mind and emotion in perfect alignment.
Now when making decisions, you’ll know exactly which direction to take.

Going Deeper with Meditation
Learn the meditation technique that will guarantee deeper experiences into introspection and self-knowledge.
Within the deep layers, you’ll learn how to put your mind to work on some of the most amazing techniques that you’ll learn throughout the program.

Quantum Goalsetting
It’s the most powerful technique for goal setting you’ve ever come across. The revolutionary Goal-Map exercise will provide you with incisive clarity about your most important goals, and a step-by step achievable plan on how to achieve them.
It’s considered “the most brutally honest goal setting exercise ever”, because you’ll immediately know whether your goal is achievable or not, and what additional support you can obtain to make it happen.

Uncover Destructive Negative Beliefs
Explore how the results you’re obtaining in life are being supported by the belief system formed in the very early stages of your life.  Uncover failure patterns and major mental blocks which are preventing you from achieving your biggest desires, and instantly de-sensitise them, getting you unstuck and empowered to fully take control of your own life experience.
As an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to become less susceptible to the negative influence of those around you.

Say Goodbye to Negativity
Discover the the damaging effects that negativity has had on your health and well-being, and how to release it so you can go on living a life free from negativity of the past.

The Art of Creative Visualization
The subconscious mind controls 96-98% of your emotions, perception of reality and behaviours. Knowing this, we’ll use it to your advantage and impress positive ideas and experiences onto it, causing your brain to trigger the corresponding responses.
Once something has been experienced, it will create a new memory – a new nuance of reality – assisting you in creating solutions to challenges and creating a better version of reality.

Supercharge Your Goals
Intensify the energy and the intention of the desire that you wish to attain. Find the missing key in all goal setting processes and become 100% energetically committed, aligned and motivated to your goal and life purpose.

Cultivate a Winner’s Mindset
If you knew with all your mind and heart that you could achieve anything and everything that you set your mind to, would you take the step?
Learn to cultivate the mindset of a winner, and access a hidden reservoir of energy and grit, that is available within you, anytime you need it.

Take Action in a Certain Way
Taking action is interpreted as the acceptance of an opportunity being presented to you. And here, you’ll learn how to take appropriate action in a certain way, which will produce not only positive results, but even greater opportunities.

The Synergistic Flow
Learn how to tap into the synergistic flow of the Universe, and gain momentum to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality.
You’ll learn how to interpret signs both big and small for when opportunities and solutions are being presented to you. You’ll also learn how to properly act on these synchronicities using the state of flow to accelerate your results.

Attune Yourself to a Higher Source
Living an extraordinary life requires and understanding about the cosmological system to which we belong and how energy really works. You’ll be given that key here; knowledge about how we are all energetically interconnected and how to live from a heart overflowing with positivity and gratitude which in turn will draw in even more love and prosperity.

Develop and Elevate Your Intuition
Learn how to stop using exclusive deductive reasoning in your day to day life, and incorporate intuitive awareness.
Learn to differentiate mind from intuition, and raise the volume for your inner voice to strengthen the relationship of mutual trust between your logical side and your intuitive side with 4 easy-to-use techniques.

Let Your Inner Guide Show You The Way
Achieve your most profound awakening by strengthening the connection between your inner being and your surroundings.
In this final module of The Quantum Combination, you’ll learn how to expand your notion of time-and-space and take full advantage of this void to gain access to valuable ideas, creativity and mental resources. You’ll also be nurturing a relationship with your inner guide so deep, that you’ll be granted permanent access to the most valuable asset of your life; a guiding compass that will always show you the way and give you the answers you need, through thick and through thin.

To round up your life transforming journey, you’ll be receiving some tools and advice to stay on track with what you’ve learned and stay unshakable. You’ll get the framework for designing a daily practise that works for you in order to gain a lifetime of positive outcomes.


If you join the program today, you’ll also get these bonuses to enrich your experience and add more value to your life.

The 60 Day Action Challenge

Bonus #1:
60 Day Action Challenge

Based on an action oriented coaching methodology, the 60 Day Action Challenge will bring together everything that you’ve learned in the course and spread it out into a 60 day period which will keep you on track with your progress.

Bonus #2:
The Quantum Circle Session

No matter where you are in Your Life right now, you’re just ONE DECISION AWAY from changing your life forever, and all it’ll take after that is investing a few minutes a day in your growth, that will later add years of happiness to your life.

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If you purchase the program and within 15 days find that it’s not for you, you’re fully covered by a 15 day full money back guarantee, no questions asked. It truly is RISK FREE.
Just head over to the support page and fill in the contact form to proceed.

Whilst most courses teach you only 1 aspect of personal growth, in 1 area of your life, The Quantum Combination prides itself for being holistic, and elevating every area at the same time.

It’s curriculum is integrative, meaning that each technique builds on the previous, and all exercises can be integrated into your daily life with zero hassle.

Whilst this is certainly a very common issue, The Quantum Combination is self-paced, and the steps in it were crafted for people like you. Listen on the go, and squeeze in a technique or two during your lunch break. 

The little voice in your head might be going on about how “this all sounds great, but I’m different and this won’t work…” or “I’ve tried programs like this before and they didn’t won’t, so this shouldn’t be any different…”

However, I can personally GUARANTEE you that it will work.  You should at least give it a try.

And if for some strange reason you try the exercises and techniques in the program and they don’t Elevate Your Mind and begin to Unlock Your Highest Potential, I’ll give you a full refund, plus, you can keep the program just for the inconvenience.


We’re here for you! All you need to do is to contact us through the support section, and we’ll be glad to help you out.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
Not paying for proper training or trying to find it all free will end up costing you way more in ignorance and time than paying for this course.
Getting results without a coach or someone to guide you simply isn’t realistic. Also, due to the digital nature of the course, and not needing to attend seminars actually gives this course a very fair price.

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