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Unlock Your Full Potential & Live Your Best Life.

There’s a Way to Discover Your Purpose, Master Your Highest Potential and Achieve yout Biggest Goals.

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Get Ready to Fully Take Charge of Your Life and Your Happiness

Discover what’s stopping you from finding satisfaction, happiness and alignment in your life.

Get your hands on the only program you’ll ever need in order to Elevate all of the 11 Areas of your life, from the comfort of your own home.

This course is structured in a UNIQUE way that will force You to Consistently Produce Results, even if you feel uncommitted and unmotivated.

No matter where you are in Your Life right now, you’re just ONE DECISION AWAY from changing your life forever, and all it’ll take after that is investing a few minutes a day in your growth, that will later add years of happiness to your life.

Have You Ever Wondered What to do When...

This course is structured in a UNIQUE way that will force You to Consistently Produce Results, even if you feel uncommitted and unmotivated.

No matter where you are in Your Life right now, you’re just ONE DECISION AWAY from changing your life forever, and all it’ll take after that is investing a few minutes a day in your growth, that will later add years of happiness to your life.

Well, I’ve been there and I’ve gotta tell you there’s much more to you than you can imagine. You see, everything in life is connected, and you can certainly create balance without having to compromise.

No more sacrificing what you truly want…

Here’s the truth: whatever your life looks like right now, only you have the POWER to turn it around and create a life that’s your own definition of SUCCESS.

A life that’s lived on your own terms and where you wake up each morning with excitement, determination and in love with your day knowing that you’re deliberately realising a sense of purpose, a dream, affluence and the well-being that you’ve always wanted.

Start Creating a Remarkable Life Today

The Quantum Combination was designed for people just like you, who are looking to ELEVATE all 11 areas of your life at once!

Through the online course, you’ll be guided through every step of the process, to do some serious soul searching and to craft your own vision and action steps to achieve breathtaking results.
The Quantum Combination is a very deep process that reveals who you really are and what you’re really capable of doing, and it’s no surprise that you’ll be integrating the processes learned into your daily life, using them regularly to realign with your true desired outcome.

Once you’ve gone through the process, you will have embodied your purpose, and all your actions, choices and habits from then on will be naturally directed towards achieving your biggest goals and reaching your highest potential.

The Quantum Combination gives you the freedom to create your life on your own terms.

Soar Your Way Towards 
an Extraordinary Life

How Exciting and Fulfilling Would Your Life Be if You Could Elevate any of its 12 Areas?
And Why Not All?



Friends & Family

Health & Wellness



Work & Career

Personal Development


Peer Group



Whilst most people focus on improving only one area of their life, they often do it by sacrificing or compromising another.

In The Quantum Combination, you’ll discover how you can thrive in each of the 11 areas without having to compromise any other. The ultimate goal is to give you the tools to elevate all 11 areas of your life.

Meet your Instructor

Roger Mac is the author of The Quantum Combination and a teacher for enhanced performance and creativity.
He’s also an investor, an award winning designer and entrepreneur in the creative industries, but is mostly known among his peers as an adventurer living a life that most people would just deem impossible.

But it’s a huge difference from where he was standing just 10 years ago; a burned out store employee suffering from severe anxiety and depression, and completely hopeless about the future.

Thankfully, he discovered how to ally a powerful meditation practise he’d learned at the age of 13, to personal growth, which improved his life into the success he lives today.
The transformation was in fact so dramatic that made it his mission to share the process with the world.

After years of studying various disciplines and breaking down various techniques, Roger created The Quantum Combination, a step-by-step program that combines meditation (and all it’s benefits) with actionable coaching, making it all scientifically measurable, attractive and easy to integrate into your daily life.

Roger’s unique perspective, laid back style and empathy attracts people from different walks of life, from parents to CEOs, all agreeing that there’s so much depth, understanding and experience to take in just 5 minutes of conversation with the author.

And when you choose to embark on this experience with Roger, you’ll feel the same way too.

Roger Mac has been featured by:

It’s Time To Talk About the Life-Changing Results you’ll obtain with this program

Within just a few weeks you will…
01. Experience The Benefits Of Meditation In Your Daily Life

Incorporate and experience the clinically proven benefits of meditation in your daily life.

Meditation is known to alleviate physical and emotional pain, reduce stress and anxiety, improve the immune response, alleviate depression, lower blood pressure, enhance focus and concentration, improve sleep quality, improve empathy, kindness and compassion. And the list goes on.

02. Discover Your True Self and Honor the New You

Get to know the real you and how to use your authentic self to break free from what doesn’t bring you joy.

Reinvent yourself and develop the clarity and potential to pursue your passions with greater certainty and confidence, and step into the best version of yourself for good.

03. Craft a Beautiful, Crystal-Clear Vision of What you Want to Achieve

Harmonize your greatest goals with all of the areas of your life and start an outstanding journey which is sustainable and achievable, with goals that are worth pursuing and absolute certainty that you can achieve them resorting to a variety of sources that push you towards success on a daily basis.

04. Enhance your Intuition
Achieve a gradual and profound inner awakening, leading to a permanent awareness of your connectedness and personal relationship with your intuition, bringing it to a higher level of operation which will provide you with directions, insight, creative inspiration and innovative solutions to any situation in life.
05. Dissolve Destructive Habits and Enhance Your Growth Mindset
Master yourself and instantly neutralise that nagging voice that keeps filling your well-being and confidence with fear and negativity, and turn it into a positive and thriving energy which consequently boosts your confidence, leading you to outperform yourself, and become a high achiever. Learn to master your life and immediately detect any emerging failing pattern so that you can act on it and turn any situation into a positive one for your own benefit.
06. Power up and Accelerate Goal Achievement
Transcend limited goal setting methods by creating a goals which are achievable and sustainable without losing focus. Rise up to your full capacity by pursuing goals that are fully adjusted to your beliefs and learn the tools and techniques which will keep adding to your capabilities, empowering you even more.

Program Structure

A fresh step-by-step framework designed to empower you and get you formidable results.

The Quantum Combination consists of lectures and exercises layered into 3 levels and 21 techniques, which will progressively help you Unlock Your Highest Potential and Achieve Your Biggest Goals.

Throughout the program you’ll dig out your deepest hidden beliefs and subconscious patterns that are currently holding you back from reaching your full potential and most authentic self.

After that, you’ll be working with your most authentic self and your core values to become crystal clear on what you really want in your life, and structure the tools and confidence go achieve your goals.

The entire program will take around 2 weeks to complete at the recommended pace of 6 hours per week, which is an incredible investment for a program what can change your approach to life and your life goals.
And just to keep you on track with your progress, you’ll also be given another 60 days of coaching absolutely free.

The Quantum Combination is an audio-program which is made available for use on your Personal Computer, Tablet and Smartphone.

Level 1 - The Level of Being

Your quest to unlock your highest potential begins with a comprehensive introduction about the mind and how it works, so that you can acquire a thorough understanding about it’s primary functions and the ways how it can either help you, or make you believe that you’re changing when in fact it’s keeping you hostage, locked into the same place, the same life, the same results.

I will not only teach you how to detect a situation when your mind is resisting change, but also how to easily and instantly neutralize the process and to focus on growth so to create a positive mindset in the short term.

Exercises: (re)Focus Technique

Discover what you are really meant for, and why you are currently obtaining certain results in your life.
In this module, you will be digging deep into your roots to uncover the biggest truth about your internal conflicts, and what major power can really drive you to achieve your highest goals in life. I will take you through an exercise, which will reveal your true essence and purpose, and which will serve you every time you need to make any important decision. Phenomenal growth happens when true essence and purpose are used with mind and emotion in perfect alignment, and here you’ll be learning to do just that.

Exercises: The Quantum Centre Written Exercise

Meditation is the foundation to introspection and knowledge of the self, and that’s why you’ll be practising a lot of it throughout the program. I will introduce you to the principles of meditation in a way that anyone can meditate and access subconscious layers of the mind instantly using the proper techniques and phases.
Here, you’ll be able to understand and feel the profound impact that meditation can have in the process of creation and bringing creativity into fruition, and also reap the huge benefits that it will provide in your daily life, your health, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Experience profound inner peace, rejuvenating health and mental clarity like never before.

Exercises: The Quantum Centre Meditation

After learning the basics of deep meditation, you will be introduced to the most powerful technique for goal setting you’ve ever come across. In this chapter, you’ll be learning all about the different types of goals, and a technique to easily achieve bigger goals in a much faster way, which does not require taking more action.
You’ll then be doing a revolutionary goal setting exercise which previous students consider to be “the most brutally honest goal setting exercise ever”, as it not only provides incisive clarity about your most important goals, but also provides you with a clear vision of how to reach your goals, providing you with doable steps, a list of processes needed to reach it, and way to immediately know whether it’s realistic or not, and if you can get additional support to bring it to reality.

Exercise: The Goal Map

In this chapter, you’ll be exploring the depths of the mind and discovering where your beliefs came from, and how they appear in your current reality.
You’ll work on failure patterns locked in the subconscious mind, and uncovering the major energy blocks which are preventing you from achieving your biggest desires, exposing the dark invisible energy to the light of your awareness.
This exercise is considered by previous students as the biggest eye-opener and energy shifter in the program. When performing the deep meditation, your energy will change, you will change, and the results you obtain will also change. And by the end of the exercise, you will also know exactly what needs to be done to instantly de-sensitise any re-emerging patterns, and turn around any negative belief, so you can experience tranquility, peace of mind, and a brand new positive version of you, who is fully in control of your own life experience.

Exercise: The Belief Transition Technique

Bonus Chapter: Personal Negative Programming

In this bonus chapter you’ll learn to instantly detect destructive beliefs which are revived through daily habits. You’ll learn exactly which of your instinctive behaviours are most dangerous to your progress, and tend to feed your energy to bigger destructive beliefs. You’ll also learn how to become less susceptible to the negative influence of those around you.

In this module, you’ll be learning how negative energy holds you back from achieving your goals and manifesting your desires, and how wanting to manifest something in order to solve a problem always increases the size of the problem.
You will also discover the damaging effects that negativity can have on your health and well-being, and how clusters of negative or unresolved energy can influence the results that you are currently obtaining.
We’ll be releasing the negativity with the exercise in this module, which will allow you to live a happier life, free from the negativity of the past.

Exercise: The Negative Release Technique

Level 2 - The Level of Doing

In this special module, we’ll be working on your creative visualisation skills, and activating your inner senses which will provide you with surprisingly realistic mental and emotional experiences.
In knowing that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, and that it controls all of your life support systems, and 96-98% of your emotions, your perception of reality and your behaviours, we’ll use this to your advantage and impress positive ideas and experiences onto it, which will cause your brain to trigger the same processes as it would in real life.
This in turn will cause your brain to filter relevant information into awareness which will help you to easily create solutions to challenges, achieve goals much faster, and mentally assist you in creating a better version of your reality.

Exercise: The Creative Visualisation Calibration
Exercise: The Creative Visualisation Calibration Audio (Guided Entry Only)

You will be going one step deeper into the goal setting process that we started in Level I, for the purpose of intensifying the energy and the intention of the desire that you wish to attain.
This step is important as it is the missing key in all goal setting processes. You’ll quickly understand why the lack of it is the reason why most people never achieve their highest goals.
With this one process, you will become 100% energetically committed and aligned to your goal and life purpose, and amplify your energy in such a way that you’ll never lack motivation to pursue them ever again.

Exercise: Supercharging Goals Written Exercise and Meditation

Imagine what your life would be like, if you knew with all your mind and heart that you could achieve anything and everything that you ever wanted. And what if you learned that it were true, and that you could cultivate the mindset of a winner, and access a hidden reservoir of energy that is available within you, anytime you need?
In this module, we’ll be exploring a very cool and easy way to keep succeeding daily and become a magnet for success. You’ll also learn a simple technique which you can use instantly, to access that special source of energy to perform any task and action with a guarantee of success.

Exercise: The Winner’s Mindset

In order to change your life, you’ll need to take actions which may sometimes seem daunting and far out of your comfort zone. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you apply the process described in this special chapter which will help you deal with the real origin of fear, and change it in order to attain success, even in the face of fear.
The Universe loves action because it’s interpreted as you accepting an opportunity being presented to you. So why not take advantage of this positive motivation and take special “action in a certain way”, which will produce the results that you desire, and help you receive even greater opportunities?

Exercise: The Second Action Exercise

After working on your personal energy, now comes the time that you begin to work within the synergistic flow of the Universe, and gaining momentum for the accelerated manifestation of your desires and dreams.
In this chapter, you’ll learn how an abundance mindset really is available for everyone to work with, and how to interpret the signs and messages of when opportunities are being presented to you. I’ll also let you in on the one major mistake that most people make when receiving opportunities, which in turn end up creating confusing and mixed results.
In the exercise, you’ll also be learning how to act upon synchronicities and using the state of flow to accelerate your results.

Exercises: The 5 Second Rule and The Synergistic Flow

Level 3 - The Level of Receiving

I’ll start the third level by giving a thorough comprehensive explanation of about the cosmological system to which we belong, and the theory of Quantum mechanics, which will give you a deeper understanding about how we are all energetically connected and how you can live your life with that feeling of being connected to source-energy.
As we go a little bit deeper into the rabbit hole, I’ll introduce you to another level of meditation called Quantum Attunement, from where you will be able to meditate in the state of flow, and ask for ecstatic positive feelings and outcomes.
This exercise is considered a favourite by most students, because it’s enabled them to visualise themselves within the Grand Universe for the first time, and begin to feel from a heart which is overflowing with gratitude, instead of only from the mind.

I must warn you though, that the concept used in Quantum Attunement is in fact so new, that the sensations that it causes will absolutely blow your mind. A kinder and more loving perspective about life is guaranteed.

Exercises: The Quantum Attunement Meditation

This tool for unbinding your inner voice is absolutely vital to your success because it will awaken your intuitive side – the one voice that you can ever claim as being fully trustable and truly yours.
The greatest thing about connecting to your intuition is that you’ll no longer be blind nor deaf to any suggestion of what may be more appropriate for you, and never lose out on an excellent opportunity again. In workig with your intuition, you’ll become a highly evolved human being because you work simultaneously with an active and trustable system which provides you with infinite resources for you to work with.
In this part of the course, you’ll be learning how to use less deductive reasoning, and activating greater awareness of the messages coming from your intuition, to obtain information and answers about virtually anything that you need.
And because I know from my own experience how difficult it was to understand the difference between the responses of the logical mind vs the response coming from your intuition, I’ve included 4 easy-to-use techniques which will help you evolve in your connection to intuition and develop your metaphysical senses, so that you never lose another impression or message again.

Exercises: The Fast Response Technique, Dream Logging, Intuition Feedback Meditation, Advanced Intuition Feedback Meditation

And this is where you’ll finally achieve your most profound awakening which will strengthen your spiritual connection between your life and your surroundings.
In this final module of The Quantum Combination, you’ll be learning all about your existence in the multiple dimensions of being, how the limited notion of time-and-space can be expanded so that you can take full advantage of this void to access even more ideas, creativity and mental resources.
You’ll also be meeting your inner guide and elevating them to a much higher level of operation which will allow you to interact directly with them from within any time, space and dimension. This connection will provide you with limitless potential, direction, insight, creative inspiration and innovative solutions to any situation in life.
The activation is so powerful that you’ll be able to connect to your Guide any time you wish, and hear their answers clearly, providing you with that helping hand that you’ve been needing for so long.

Exercises: Meet your Inner Guide in Meditation, Dimensional Meditation, Q&A Session with your Inner Guide

Bonuses Included When You Join Today

Bonus 1

The 60 Day Action

You’ll receive an additional coaching program to follow from home.

Based on an action oriented coaching methodology, the 60 Day Action Challenge will bring together everything that you’ve learned in the course and spread it out into a 60 day period which will keep you on track with your progress.

This guarantees that you benefit fully from The Quantum Combination.

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Bonus 2

The Quantum Combination
Audio Files

The files will be made available in downloadable format.

Learning can take place on the go, and for that reason, The Quantum Combination will also be made available in a downloadable format for you to listen to on any device.

Imagine learning whilst you’re cooking, working out, or even whilst taking the dog out for a walk.

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Loved by Others Just Like You
Have a Look.

“I love the way that this course suits most people, in any age group and in any stage of life. But it’s mostly for those who lack a north star.

There’s no going back once you start… You can’t because you’ll see your life in a very different way. I haven’t been this excited about my life in a very long time!

I can only thank you for the service you’re providing to everyone by putting this out.”

Daniel – United Kingdom

“With these sessions I gained the courage I lacked to resolve negative situations, and learned to put myself first.
I no longer conform to situations if I do not feel good about them and take the necessary leap to seek my happiness.

Lightness, optimism and confidence are the words I find to define the state of mind in which Roger always puts me in.
Wise and assertive words, focused on the goal of helping me direct energies towards the path of happiness that each person, in their own way, intends to achieve.”

Diana – Portugal

“Change became more and more visible as I progressed. My energy pattern was changing in an extraordinary way.

Interior organization was something new in my life; everything became clearer and simpler and I found myself!

By the end of the program, I felt that I was completely aligned with the universe.”

Andre – Portugal

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I also work alongside several game-changers in other industries, to bring you the best of personal development in innovative ways.
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